About Us

Tension Systems, s.r.o is an exclusive vendor and distributor of Macalloy products within the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company sells complete assortment of Macalloy products, including consulting and servicing.

The offer of Macalloy product on the Czech market provides investors with a complex technological system of tie bars and anchors enabling highly efficient architectonic solutions for industrial, commercial, and sport structures.

Complete product assortment for the Czech Republic and Slovakia is certified by European Technical Approval CE/ETA–07/0215 for products Macalloy 460, S 460 and 520. Macalloy 1030 is certified by Technical Approval CE/ETA–07/0046. Other Macalloy products are certificated by UK Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steels, England. Tension Systems, s.r.o will extent the complete offer of products for:

Ground Engineering
Macalloy  500, Macalloy  17 MHS, Macalloy Baranchor, Macalloy 1030

Concrete Engineering
Macalloy 1030, Macalloy  500, Macalloy ST 

Tension Structures
Macalloy  460, Macalloy  S460, Macalloy 520, Macalloy 690, Macalloy Compression struts

Facade Engineering
Macalloy  460, Macalloy  S460, Macalloy 520

Tension Systems, s.r.o shall provide full technical support for the products, including tie bar systems activation and required pre-stress measurement using a patented technological equipment (TechnoTensioner) developed by Macalloy Ltd. for this purpose. 

Our mission
Macalloy products give investors a way towards modern structural design.

Our vision
Tension Systems, s.r.o shall acquire the market share of 70% in its segment in the Czech Republic within the next 5 years thanks to the technical singularity and completeness of Macalloy product offer.

Our values
Efficient teamwork is a key for success of the company.
An individual is a credible value with respected contribution for the company.
Expected high level of fulfillment of personal tasks and high performance of all employees.
Employees shall be remunerated on the basis of individual and team results.                   
We will dedicate our effort towards development and improvement of the society where we live and work.